Northeast Tennessee

The SkEtChY Equalizer – with a Merkin twist!

Northeast Tennessee

9 PaX looked at the cooler/wetter than normal morning and decided to come out and KICK Tuesday in the Etch.  This is the Month of Merkins so we took The Great Equalizer and did a BUNCH of audibles so we could get 100+ GOOD FORM Merkins!  


DISCLAIMER – kind of

Started with #TheJakeRun

  • SSH to 40 in cadence with varying speeds
  • Arm Circles 
  • Seal Claps 
  • Moroccan Night Club 
  • Merkins – x5 in cadence (10)
    • Right arm up, left arm up
  • Through the Tunnel x10 in cadence 
  • Sticky Icky Butt Kickers (yes – extra STICKY)
  • Squat x10 in cadence 

2 min PT Test for Merkins 

Indian Run to the Parking Lot next to the Swings – this is the Launch Point for The Thang

  • Lunge Walk to the benches at the end of the parking lot
    • Incline Merkins until the LAST person arrives – last person calls Incline Merkins x10 in cadence (20)
    • Sprint back to Launch Point
  • Lunge Walk to top of #TheHill (audible called half way and flipped to Bernie Sanders to get up #TheHill
    • Decline Merkins until the LAST person arrives – last person calls Incline Decline x10 in cadence (20)
    • Sprint back to Launch Point
  • Line up and Sprint to end of parking lot
    • Staggered Merkins on the curb – x5 in cadence on the right – flip flop x5 on the left (20)
    • Indian Run back to starting point 

Circle up 

  • Merkins x5 IC (10)
  • Colt 45
    • Low Curls x 15
    • High Curls x 15
    • Full Curls x 15
  • Merkins x5 IC (10)
  • jLo x10 IC
  • Merkins x5 IC (10)
  • Jenny on the Block (jLo with your feet on the block) x 10IC
  • LBC x 10 IC (slow for Gutterball)
  • Merkin Time Bomb (counting down from 4) (10)
    • Hold plank to 6:15


  • I love this workout plan because it focuses on NOT leaving the 6 behind.  REALLY quickly someone (always) will point that it DOESN’T pay to be the 1st (yes – that is the point).  Hence – The Great Equializer! 
  • I flipped a couple things around in the moment so all the Lawyers out there – feel free to chime in and let me know what I forgot
  • March of the Merkins – for those counting….we did 110 Merkins as a group PLUS whatever you did during the PT Test.  We did LOW and SLOW counts to be sure and focus on form.  
  • #TheJakeRun – when the Q runs from the starting point to make Jake play hide and seek with the PaX!  
    • Jake – this was all out of love and fun
  • It’s always a pleasure to lead the PaX!  Thanks for coming out and supporting me on my Q!  10 years on Thursday….hard to imagine.

Convergence on April 2nd 

Keep an eye out for F3 Dads coming in April as well!

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