Northeast Tennessee

The day after the Murph…

Northeast Tennessee

Sometimes you sign up for things without looking at the calendar.  WELL….yesterday was the Murph.  So….I tried to do as little running, merkins and squats as possible while still engaging the PaX at The Ironhorse.  5 PaX were there to witness what happened.

Warm – Up

  • Motivator from 7
  • Arm Circles forward and back
  • Seal Claps in front and overhead
  • Abe Bagota (SLOW SLOW – aka the RIGHT speed)
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Imperial Storm Troopers (as I called them but I MEANT Imperial Walkers)
  • Merkins to 5 with stretching (heard some ooo’s and ahhh’s)
  • Squats – low and SLOW

Slow Mosey to the Stairs.  As a group we did an exercise while 1 person did the stair exercise.  Tag until everyone has done the stairs exercise.

  • LBC / Bunny Hop
  • J-Lo / Bear Crawl
  • Pretzel – Step Ups (all right side)
    • Flip to the Left Side
  • Dips / Sprint

Head to the Brick Wall by Wild Wings

  • People’s Chair
    • R Kelly
    • Raise the Roof
    • Touch them Heels
  • Balls to the Wall (or since we were on bricks…..”Richard’s” on Bricks (figure it out or SHOW TO KNOW)
  • People’s Chair
    • R Kelly
    • Paint the Fence
    • Wax on Wax Off
  • D on Bricks

Mosey to get flag back to starting point then Mosey to the field

Field – Sprints with variation of Al Gore


  • Crunchy Frog


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