Northeast Tennessee

I Hear the Train a Comin’

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

After a run heavy Baby Q (which was a real crowd pleaser) on Tuesday, YHC decided we’d stay put and play with some toys on Thursday. What kid doesn’t love blocks?—except we are building men, not toy houses.



The Thang:


  • SSH (20 IC)
  • TTT (10 IC)
  • LBAC (10 each way IC)
  • Windmills (10 IC)
  • Overhead Claps (10 IC)
  • Imperial Walkers (15 IC)
  • Merkins (20 IC)

I hear a train a comin, it’s rolling round the bend, and I ain’t seen the sunshine since I don’t know when—Sorry.

YHC’s AO in South Carolina was near the airport. Every time a play would fly over in the gloom—burpees. Time to introduce the Pax to the Iron Horse version of the burpee plane—the burpee train. It was cut off at 10 burpees. It was a very long train and YHC knew what was coming.

Block Party (1)—Reverse Jack Webb’s on Steroids

  • 1 merkin on the block -> 4 shoulder presses
  • 2 merkins on the block -> 8 shoulder presses
  • 3 merkins on the block -> 12 shoulder presses
  • 4 merkins on the block -> 16 shoulder presses
  • 5 merkins on the block -> 20 shoulder presses

Pause and shake it out

  • 6 merkins on the block -> 16 shoulder presses
  • 7 merkins on the block -> 12 shoulder presses
  • 8 merkins on the block -> 8 shoulder presses
  • 9 merkins on the block -> 4 shoulder presses

Block Party (2)—Pax Plotting Donatello’s Demise (there may have been some unkind words coming from the crowd during this one) 

  • 4 Rounds: 10 Plyometric merkins on the blocks -> 10 burpees over the blocks

Block Party (3)—You Thought We were Done?

3 Rounds: 10 ground to overhead block swings -> 5 box jumps (or step-ups)

Mary (Dealers Choice):

  • BBSU (20 OYO)
  • Flutter Kicks (25 IC)
  • American Hammers (15 IC)
  • Baby’s Hello Dolly Thing (10 IC)


  • Count-o-rama
  • Name-o-rama


Welcome FNG John Babel (Respect) -> from Buffalo NY -> Bison and hot sauce come to mind -> Tatanka it is (apparently this is the name for Buffalo in some a movie YHC has heard of, but never seen)


Really strong work by the Pax—this was a smoker. The merkins and burpees following the shoulder press work was a real ball buster. YHC encouraged the other Pax to step up and take over the Q’s next week or the beat downs will continue.


  • Sign up to Q
  • Donatello’s starting to pick up his running schedule and would love some company. Email or text for more specifics.

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