Northeast Tennessee

Dora got kicked out of Class!!!!

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)



Today is a great day. Wanna know why? Because you put your feet on the ground of this wonderful planet. For the lucky ones who posted this morning this is gonna be a great day. The word of the day is MOTIVATE. You’ve gotta have it to propel yourself while this spinning ball(earth) is rotating. So ask yourself what motivates you, what drives you, why do you do what you do? Know the why.

So this was YHC first post to Arrowhead, and I gotta say it’s a nice facility. Now don’t get me wrong they don’t have a Burpee Train, but they have hills. Lots of Hills. A man could do Billy Goats “all day long” out there. So let’s get down to the business at hand.

Temp: 59 degrees at 5:25 am.

Pax: 24 including 2 FNGs. Welcome Lemon and Diddley to the group.

Disclaimer, cause everyone knows I’m no expert.


Exit the mumble chatter.

SSH (20) IC

LBAC (15) IC each direction

TTT (15) IC

Shoulder Pretzel (25) IC

Mosey to the paved hill across the football field.

Partner up for a little Dora 1,2,3

Round 1

Partner 1 will execute a mosey to the cones located approx 44 yards away. Will then complete 5 SSH and return expeditiously back to Partner 2 to exchange for some fun filled “light” routines.

  • Merkins (50) cumulative
  • Overhead Press (100) cumulative
  • LBC’s (150) You get the picture

Round 2

Same as before just mixing up the “light” routine

  • Curls (50)
  • Squat Thrusters (100)
  • Flutter Kicks(150)

Round 3

  • Tricep Overhead Presses (50)
  • Bench Press (150)
  • Squats (150)

Mosey back to Shovel Flag to finish with:

Should Pretzel (30) IC

Merkins (5) IC We could have done more but I couldn’t stop laughing….. you just had to be there to experience the grumbling. In all fairness my shoulders were shot to….

Welcome 2 FNGs Bo(Diddley) and  Frankie (Lemon)

So I go back to the word of the day, Motivate. If you put your feet on the ground today, you have already won. Today we are all winners, I don’t mean participation trophy winners. I mean you guys posted and put in some hard work. Congrats to all my brothers who made it out of the Gloom today.

Now I’m not sure if he meant it or not, but Donatello did say I was barred from Arrowhead. I’ll take that to mean I’m just suspended for a bit. I’ll be back soon, and I’ll bring a distant relative of Dora….. in the great words of the talented Arnold Schwarzenegger…… ” I’ll Be Back”


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