Northeast Tennessee

A Quarter Pound of Fun

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

Workout Time: 0700

Workout Temp: 44 degrees and windy as heck




Side Straddle Hops 30 in cadence

Little Baby Arm Circles 25 each way

Plank Walks 15 in cadence

Mosey- 1 lap around the 1/4 mile track

Don Quixotes 15 in cadence

Shoulder Pretzels 25 in cadence

Wille Mays Hayes 15 in cadence

Mosey- 1 lap

Imperial Walkers 15 in cadence

Through the Tunnel 10 in cadence

The Thang

The workout started off with a quarter pounder on the soccer field. Cones were placed at 25 yard intervals. Pax sprinted 25 yards to the first cone and did 25 merkins, then ran backward to the end line. Next, Pax sprinted 50 yards to the second cone and did 50 squats, then ran backward to the end line. This was followed by a 75 yard sprint to the third cone, 75 mountain climbers, and a backward run to the end line. Finally, Pax sprinted 100 yards to the end of the field, did 100 Side Straddle Hops, and ran backward to the beginning.

After the quarter pounder, Pax paired off and moved around a circuit consisting of seven stations. Each station presented one of the following exercises, to be done together:
50 pull-ups

100 dips

100 step ups

50 burpees

100 Incline/Decline Merkins

100 Imperial Squats

100 squat jumps

After Pax made their way through the circuit, everyone circled up to close out with 5 minutes of Mary:

Flutter Kicks 30 in cadence

Count off


FNG Paul–>Nicknamed Tree in HS because he could scratch his knees w/o bending over–>Timber

Closing Prayer


YHC was bracing myself for a low turnout due to less than favorable weather conditions. But the Erwin men keep stepping up. They showed up, worked hard, and we all got better.

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