Northeast Tennessee

Pardon me, I think you are doing Big Boy Sit-ups in my dry spot slim….

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Weather – warm, wet, but just slight like with a nice clean break in the rain.

19 Pax: Rite-Aid, Singlet, Penn-Seagal, Cacahuete (Peanut), Cold Call, Kardashian, Betsy, Pythagoras, Billy Jean, Ponch, 2nd Amendment, Jimmy Neutron(R), Hoarders, Refill, Chum(R), Brownie, Ambien, Shepherd(R), Roadblock

FULL POSSE on a Tuesday Morning!


COT/Prayer – Roadblock

Warm Up

Side Straddle Hop x 15 (4 count in cadence)

Merkins x 10(4 count in cadence)

Little Baby Arm Circles Forward and Back x 10 each (4 count in cadence)

Through the Tunnel x 10 (4 count in cadence)

The Thang

Amped-Theater Escalators to Eight – PAX mosey to first seat wall 30 inclined Merkins, mosey back to circle 30 Big Boy Sit-Ups, mosey to second seat wall 30 dips, mosey back to circle 30 Little Baby Crunches, mosey to third wall 30 declined Merkins, mosey back to circle 30 squats, mosey to Sundial O’pain 30 Burpees, mosey back to circle 30 lunges (15 each leg) – Rinse and repeat in decreasing sets of 10 —> 30-20-10

PAX moved with motivation and pace adding to the intensity of reps. They did all the hammering, I just laid out the tracks. Pace was hotter than, well lets just call it hot to trot. So hot we had to cool off with a run on the hill. Tombstone hill that is….

Tombstone Ladder – 1 Merkin – Run to Top – 6 Big Boy Sit Ups – 7 times until time caught up with us.  Tombstone delivered some humble pie, in the form of side stitches, awful kidney stone like stitches…okay maybe that was only YHC. I threw a wagon wheel at the end. All PAX made it back to the circle.

Campfire:  Bare hands were laid upon the concrete and grass, sweat was shed, a few calories burned alive too, but young guns, desperados, federales, and old law dogs alike were none the worse for wear.  We drove 1.4 miles with 480 reps, plus scaled a mountain of bones. The drive resumes Thursday morning before the crows are up. Put those smoke wagons down and get out of bed fellas, time to dig those spurs in and make it two crowded posts in a row.



COT/Closing Prayer – Roadblock

Announcements:  Kingsport launch on the 12th, FiA Launch 26th at Founders, register for Goliath in the Gorge!!!!

Moleskin: There are some good cowboy or man-ism’s out there that serve a fella well. I got a few favorites. “Never look down on someone unless your helping them up.” “The moment your ready to give up is about time the miracle will happen”. “Never give up on something you can’t stop thinking about” “Never let them see you sweat.”

I think about these and many others sayings when I am working, cursing them when I fear I will fail or fall short of my expectations, and steadying myself with them when my back is against the wall. I just keep my head down, keep on driving and kicking dirt in the face of my fears. Do it long enough and you get hard and lonely, inside and out. A man without fear doesn’t make friends for fear of losing them, bond with family for fear of failing them, or hope for things for fear of disappointment. In other words, basically he takes the long road to meet fear right back where he kicked dirt in its face. Fear won’t be ignored, God put it there for a reason.

I was more than unnerved this morning, for some reason I just couldn’t settle my nerves, I was fearing I would dunce the post, it wouldn’t be good enough or basically I wouldn’t represent myself or F3 through my routine selection. I think this is normal, I sure hope it is. I am here to get better, be better and lead a better life. I feel like I owe that to my fellow PAX. Fear of failing you made me better today because I planned, pushed and showed up, something not likely to happen before I found F3.

To bring this to a point, I know I will seek guidance from others with a greater understanding of how fear affects us spiritually and damages our faith. I am a poor student of the spiritual studies. I struggle with fear everyday and often lose. However, it is also something that when is honorably focused can guide us to do genuine things for our self and others.

If you haven’t Q’d yet, or just need to split it with a buddy let me know, I wouldn’t mind CO-Qing a bootcamp.

Chest Out, Chin Up – Roadblock Out


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