Northeast Tennessee

New turf put to good use!

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Ahhh, the feeling of fall was in the air this morning. A brisk and clear 48 degrees. One PAX was worried that he wouldn’t be able to get warm with the workout offered by YHC.  I didn’t hear any complaints about it being cold once the workout began.
PRAYER – Pythagoras

A pretty standard warmup… Through the Tunnel IC x 15,  Little Baby Arm Circles IC x 15 Front and x 15 back, (a new one) the Goofball IC X 15, Slerkins (Slow Merkins, down for 3 up on 4 )IC X 10, Imperial Walkers IC X 15

YHC has had an eye on a little piece of real-estate at the AO for a while now… Between two sidewalks near the edge of the park, there is a nicely groomed section of grass. The middle of the section is pretty steep and long, but it gradually gets both shorter and less steep as you move towards the outside… a perfect place to put in some work.

Mosey to “Hendrick Hill” ( I don’t know if that nickname will stick or not, because to be honest, most of the nicknames I ever give anything end up not sticking, but it seems like a good name to me) On the way, an audible was called… 15 dips OYO as we passes the wall next to the river. Once the PAX arrived at Hendrick Hill, they were introduced (many for the first time) the “Joe Hendricks Triple Nickel” which consists of 5 burpees at the top of the hill, a walk down the hill, 5 burpees at the bottom of the hill, a Joe Hendricks (crawl bear) back to the top of the hill, and then 5 more burpees at the top. After one round, the PAX seem satisfied as we continued to mosey.

Next stop, the base of Tombstone Hill, where 15 (right side counts) OYO Freddy Mercuries were called. The PAX finished, and once again, there were no complaints to be heard… this is going to be an easy one!

Continue the journey to the top of Tombstone Hill, were many of the PAX were introduced to a Burp and Merk for the first time. (On the first burpee, do one merkin, on the second do two merkins while down, on the third do 3 merkins while down, and so on) We cut it off at 5.  Head back down the hill, and complete 15 Heels to Heaven at the base of Tombstone Hill.

So, this is when it got interesting.”OK PAX, now you know the 4 movements you will be performing for the next 15 minutes…. Run to Hendricks Hill – do a Joe Hendricks Triple Nickel, run to the base – do 15 Freddy Mercuries, run to the top – do 5 Burp and Merks, run back down the hill – do 15 Heels to Heaven. Then Rinse and Repeat.

YHC did not forecast in his mind how much harder each of the Joe Hendricks would become. It felt like the work required to push up the hill increased significantly with each round. Most of the PAX were able to complete 4 rounds with some pushing to get part of 5.

At 6:10, time was called, and we moseyed back to The Amphitheater.

Figuring that we had done enough Mary for the day, YHC thought that I would give the PAX more of what they wanted… Shoulders. We finished the workout with Shoulder Pretzels  IC X 40 (it was a good thing that I am not 50 at this point)

PRAYER – Pythagoras
Not a lot of skin to Mole around today in my mind… After being sick on Tuesday and missing a chance to Post, I was glad to be back out under the star this morning to put in some work. And I was glad to have all of the Iron Horse PAX with me. It is so interesting the more the workout sucks, the more it sucks you in to wanting to come back the next time. I guess that’s why they call it sucks… The more it sucks, the more it sucks!

Dragon Boat this Saturday

Goliath at the Gorge

GrowRUCK (I think Donetello is going to bring this up sometime soon, but hasn’t talked about it yet)

GOMR Relay Run – teams forming now

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