Northeast Tennessee

Burpees and Big Boys and Crawl Bears…..Oh My!

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

In the gloom under a sliver of the golden moon, met 11 men ready to pay the price, to start off this 43 degree day wasn’t it nice.
The Motivator from seven was the way to start and everyone loved it they took it to heart. The mission of F3 was asked while we planked, it took a few guess until Kardashian took it to the bank. Next came the tunnel of which we went though then back to the plank to ask what are the rules. Out of order they did finally come, so up for the Willie Mays Hayes we did do some. Planking is fun they all did say, so we did it again and with the ethos or creed or whatever plank away. Burpees to five was next on the list then over to the wall we moseyed with bliss. To complete the warm up dips we did and the warm up was over to a hill  we went.

Hendrix Hill is a grassy spot we all must like. Crawl bears up, burpees, bear crawl down Big Boys oh my. It was fun until one almost puked. I guess 7 times was about to be rebuked. Then over to Tombstone to Bernie to top. With burpees again and big boys a lot. That ended our time as we just made it back, to count us off and to talk some smack. The Circle of Trust was what finished it I know, so go out to Lead  like men and grow!
Mary  didn’t appear today. Lucky for us and for 2A!
Back Blast are part of Qing!
Tons of CSAUP to participate. If you don’t keep up it’s going to be too late. 3rd F is next Thursday so go if you like. It’s a time to express your hardships and your delights.

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