Northeast Tennessee

Be Courageous And Let Your Heart Be Strong

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

32 PAX showed up in the gloom in balmy 37 temps for YHC’s final Q
We started with an Army Crawl. This is only because Kardashian requested it. We made it a short one. FCs x 100 IC, TTT x 10 IC, Shoulder Pretzels x 25 IC (keep your arms up), Overhead Arm Claps  x 25 IC (keep your arms up), Pick cherries and put them in the bucket, Motivator from 7, FCs x 20 IC, Repeat SPs and OACs x 20 IC
I’ve always appreciated Dora. Partner 1 does exercise while Partner 2 runs a stair lap. Reps are cumulative.

  • HR Merkins x 100
  • Mule Kicks x 200
  • Shoulder taps from plank position x 300

Grab a new partner and do a fresh round of Dora

  • Merkins x 50
  • Squat Jumps x 100
  • American Hammers x 150

Finished with two more rounds of SPs and OACs with cherry pickers.

MARY FCs x 25 IC

CIRCLE OF TRUST Donatello shared some very kind words, most of which were probably true.
PRAYER Cricket has a co-worker who had to pull a ventilator on a family member. Prayers for grace and mercy for family and friends in this difficult time for them.
I shared a story about being scared to jump out of airplanes in Airborne School. I found a verse that comforted me greatly. The middle of Psalm 27:14 says “Be courageous, and let your heart be strong.” F3 is a great place to be encouraged and to strengthen your heart. I strongly recommend it to anyone. The lessons you will learn from being a part of such an incredible organization will be applicable anywhere, and you will have lifelong friends who help give you courage and strengthen your heart when you need it.

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