Northeast Tennessee

Q School Comes to AH

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

13 PAX arrived and immediately the mumble chatter began, most notably because the QIC unknowingly stole a marked parking space!
DISCLAIMER (sort of, more to come on that later)
SSH IC x 25

TTT IC x 10

Abe Vigoda IC x 10

Motivators from 7 (where the QIC illustrated how not to count and more mumble chatter was had about counting)

Bear Crawl Merkin Combo – Two cones were spaced ~20 yards apart.  PAX began to bear crawl from one cone to the next until QIC called it.  All stopped and one of the 5 Core Principles of F3 was recited, 10 merkins completed, and the bear crawl continued.  This repeated until all 5 Core Principles were covered.  No additional rounds were needed.  Awesome job here on calling them out.

PAX discussed the two methods that most F3 boot camps are designed around; string of pearls being the first.  Here, the PAX travel from one point to the next, stopping at each point to perform a movement.  Stronger running PAX perform something until the 6 arrives (plank for the 6, Al Gore for the 6, etc.).  Once the group is together the movement is completed, and then the run continues.  Some folks choose to name a “Sweeper”.  This is someone assigned to help bring up the 6 to encourage those guys and ensure the group comes back together.  The second method of boot camp is when the group stays in a more confined area and executes the mission, and they don’t necessarily all stay together as the workout progresses.  In this method all PAX are in relative proximity so it doesn’t really matter how spread out the work becomes.  This boot camp was designed more in the first method.

  • PAX lined up and began the No Mercy Mile.  Not quite the same version as Jester’s, but close.
  • Began at the normal Start/Finish line on the track.  Jogged to the entry to Turn 1.
  • Dropped down to a bear crawl and crawled to the middle of the turn, popped up and jogged to the beginning of the back stretch.  Planked for the 6
  • Once all PAX were together, hit 25 merkins.  Before proceeding QIC quizzed the PAX on what was forgotten earlier.  Correct answer…the Disclaimer.  I expected to be called out for not beginning with it.  We took the time to talk about the high points that are usually mentioned in the disclaimer, but also mentioned some of the finer points that are usually not discussed.  It was here that Matlock educated the QIC that the Disclaimer may be legally questionable.
  • Jogged to the beginning of Turn 3.  Performed walking lunges through the turn to the beginning of the front stretch.
  • Jogged to the Start/Finish line.  Al Gore for the 6.
  • Once all PAX were together hit 25 squats.
  • Repeated for 1 more lap.
  • PAX lined up at the Start/Finish line for a little Burpee Indian Run.
  • PAX at the back of the line hits 3 burpees while the line starts to jog.  Once complete with the burpees, pop up and sprint to the front of the line.  Next PAX at the back completes the burpees and goes.  So forth and so on for 1 lap.

QIC called time for Mary.


Is Mary required? NO!  While we work a lot of Mary in, it is not a required piece of the boot camp.  The intent of Mary is really just to fill empty time if the meat of the boot camp ends early.  If you run out of time or just don’t like core work, don’t do it.

Flutter Kicks IC x 25

WWI Situps IC x 10 (IC on these was a bad idea)

WWII Situps x 20

Boat Canoe on the QIC’s call
By this time we were a few minutes over so there wasn’t much of a moleskin, but I wanted to share some thoughts here.  There are many reasons we come up with to not Q.  A few barriers we did discuss along the way during boot camp.  1) Prayer – while one of the F’s is Faith, this doesn’t mean F3 is a Christian organization.  A lot of boot camps in this area begin and end with a prayer.  This is not required.  Do not let praying with the guys keep you from Qing.  2) Trying to remember a workout – do not let the use of a Weinke keep you from Qing.  Some folks can remember this type of stuff easier than others, some people need a cheat sheet.  If you need one, make one.  Don’t let that keep you from leading.

I ran out of time to discuss the next point but wanted to capture it here.  There are a lot of resources available to you to help you put your VQ together.  A huge thanks to Grillz for what he posted on Slack earlier this week.  The timing was great!  There are some videos about counting (it’s harder than you think, and more important than a lot of us realize), exicon resources to get exercise ideas for a Q, and your brothers to call on for help.  A lot of guys at each AO are more than willing to help co-Q a VQ.  Use them.  For a lot of guys, there are limited opportunities to lead a group of men.  The mission of F3 is to help develop men into leaders in all sorts of ways (said a shorter way).  As you become comfortable with the PAX and work on Qing, the hope is that men start to Q in other areas of their lives.  Family, work, your community, church, coaching youth teams, etc., however you feel called.  This is the ultimate objective.  Jump in there and become the man you are meant to be!  (I stole that from Order of Man)


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