Northeast Tennessee

Blackjack and Merlot

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

YHC has been totally overwhelmed with the effort of the PAX through wk 5 of our #leap.  So for my VQ I wanted to reward them with doing only one real exercise…

Weather: 67 deg 95% humidity…lovely

The Thang

Disclaimer, Warm-up

SSH (IC) x20

TTT (IC) x15

Little arm circles F and B (IC) x 10 each

Imperial Walkers (IC) x15

Lets’s do it! 300 yd run from amphitheater up the steps and around back to the amphitheater.  How about some blackjack? Sure…with a run to the top of the amphitheater in between the sets  of merkins and big boy sit-ups.  The mumblechatter that was present during warm-ups (you see, YHC had to clear his throat during cadence and lost count…it wasn’t pretty) quickly fell away during blackjack,  but turned to encouragement (so I knew the men were working).  Finish with 300 yd run, same as started

Al Gores to finish, with increasing time each rep

The #ironhorse had 3 things happen in the gloom…some folks were playing a little pokemon go, the actual iron horse (for which our lovely AO is named rolled through at 0600, and Cube decided he wanted to be the first to spill Merlot at the #ironhorse…welcome to f3

Countorama, Nameorama,

quick devo from YHC on encouragement, and why we are out here doing what we do, using Hebrews 10: 24-25

FNG Tim Story…Cube (used to compete on skateboards, thus Gleaming the Cube…ahh the 80’s)

FNG Seth Brown…Shady (named for where he’s from Shady Valley)


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