Northeast Tennessee

Dora meets the Atomic Merkin

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Weather: a pleasant 63

The Thang:



Warm up:

SSH  x18 (IC)

TTT x20 (IC)

Merkin x20 (IC)

Good Mornings x10 (IC)

Merkins x20 oyo

Enough warm up:  Buddy up and start some Dora 1.2.3.  100 BBSU’s, 200 Atomic Merkins (but since YHC is a  benevolent and gracious Q, I made the decision to drop it to 150…hard work is rewarded…and we do stop at 0615), 300 squat jumps (again, changed to 200).  While Pax 1 is running from amphitheater to the steps, up to street level then back to amphitheater, Pax 2 is working on the reps then switch until all reps are finished.

Mosey to inner loop of the Iron Horse

Corner 2 corner sprint time…using every other light pole group of pax sprint to it then plank on 6.  When they get there, on to the next…approx 1/4 mile.

Mosey back to amphitheater for Mary

American Hammer x20 IC

Flutter Kicks (always is done in honor of Donatello, just because he doesn’t like them) x30 IC

Angry Donkey (YHC learned it from his M from a class she takes): place hands and toes on ground with knees bent and held approx 1-2″ off the deck then tap right hand to left shoulder, left hand right shoulder for the cadence) x10 IC





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