Northeast Tennessee

Tire Triathlon

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

*Posted by Donatello on behalf of Penn-Seagal & Rub-a-dub*

Any day VQ’s show up with tires in tow—it’s going to be a good day. Penn-Seagal and Rub-a-dub opted to tag team their first Q’s. These two are JC OG’s (posted at launch day 1), so it’s about time. They did not disappoint.




  • It’s difficult for YHC to articulate the COP. Rub-a-dub—being a massage therapist—wanted to make sure the PAX were good and loose before the tire triathlon. All YHC can say is we stretched, not unlike I recall from my days in high school football practice. While this was not a traditional COP—pain was most definitly inflicted. Some of the JC PAX suffer from a serious lack of flexibility. There were more moans from the PAX during Rub-a-dub’s stretching COP than YHC hears when doing more than 20 merkins in-cadence.

Now that the PAX’s hamstring shortcoming have been exposed, Penn-Seagal had something special for us.

Tire Triathlon

Divide into groups of 3 and rotate station clockwise.

  • Pax 1—Tire curls (5), tire presses (5), tire throw. Rinse and repeat until partner rotates over
  • Pax 2—Merkins, BBSU, squat jumps (200). Similar to Dora 1,2,3—group kept running total
  • Pax 3—Run lap around inner circle

Once running Pax made the loop, everyone rotated to the next station.

This actually took quite a bit of time when it was all said and done—and it was pretty tough. Constant movement with varied movements. 

YHC almost forgot—Burpee train rolled through right about 7:35—a long one. YHC recorded 28 reps, a burpee train high. That was a real crowd pleaser.

Close out with some more Rub-a-dub stretching


  • count-o-rama
  • name-o-rama
  • BOM


T-claps to 2nd Amendment for managing to drop the tire perfectly around his body like a child with an inter tube. YHC doesn’t want to say too much, given he may have broken his nose in the process.

Welcome FNG Zechariah Wesley -> personal trainer -> Curves (like the women’s workout place)


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