Northeast Tennessee

Pain Station Runaround

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Twenty-nine PAX showed up in the eerie gloom this morning for a full-bodied gasser.  Even the rain couldn’t hold back so many PAX from making themselves better; just as iron sharpens iron so everyone pushed each other be be better this morning.

The Thang:



Warm up (IC):

  • Motivator starting at 10
  • 16 Merkins
  • 15 through the tunnel
  • 10 Little Baby Arm Circles (forwards & backwards)
  • Mosey lap all the way around the park

Main Attraction:

Seven stations around the inner field, the PAX broke up into groups of four:

  1. 25 Merkins (on the cinder block), 30 Shoulder Presses
  2. 25 Big Boy Sit-Ups, 30 Curls
  3. 25 Carolina Dry Docks, 30 Jump Squats
  4. 25 Dips, 30 One Leg Squats (total)
  5. 25 Side Straddle Hops, 30 Flutter Kicks (in cadence)
  6. 25 American Hammers, 30 Heels to Heaven
  7. 25 Shoulder Shrugs, 30 Sideways Lunges


  • Motivator from 7
  • Merkins (We got to 16, but the PAX went suspiciously quiet around 14…)




-Can’t forget the burpee train that interrupted our welcoming and naming of the FNGs.

Excited to welcome 4 FNGs: Road Block, Bob Barker, Geppetto, and one PAX that had to leave early.  29 is a record high for our AO, excited to see men putting the EH on others to get them out of the fartsack and building themselves into better members of their communities.

P.S. Donatello, I see your heckling and raise you more motivators next time.  If you can get through the whole sequence without messing up, that is…

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