Northeast Tennessee

The Most Outstanding 2-14 Team

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

In Honor of the most dominant 2-14 team in the NFL this season, we performed a 49ers themed  crucible of pain. First came the disclaimer, then the COT.

We warmed up, in cadence,  with Dwight Clarks (commonly know as side straddle hops) x 21, then forward little baby Montanas (or “arm circles”) x25, 25 Through the Golden Gate Bridge ( or Tunnel), 28 Dwight Clarks again (to make it a nice even total of 49), 24 LB Montanas, and finally, 24 Through the Golden Gate Bridges.  We then mosied, moseyed, or mosey’d over to the field.

There were minimal mistakes with the counting, however, healthy amounts of unsolicited constructive criticism and chatter could be heard and were promptly ignored by the Q.

Main Set

Around the Clock- Beginning at 6 o’clock on the field, we run to 3, 12 and 9.  At each station a different exercise is performed.  At 6 o’clock we do 20 Kaepernics (you know, lunges) each leg, 3 o’clock is 20 Merkins, 12 o’clock is 20 squats, and at 9 o’clock little baby crunches.  Repeat the same for the second lap, then on the 3rd, we do 9 reps of each movement.

A modified version was of this was made available for those who tend to lean towards the Seattle Seahawks.  These folks only had to do 12 reps.

Waiting for the PAX to arrive, we perform a “Falcons movement” which, of course, is where you lay on the ground and roll over.

Once everyone arrive, so did the Burpee Train.  All burpees performed during this passing, counted towards the overall total for the next set, which was….

Yard  Work- Partner up>bear crawl from point A to point B> perform 49 burpees as a team> bear crawl back to point A> 49 American Hammers>Wheel barrel back to point B with partner>1 person planks while the other performs 49 side straddle hops>the other person wheel barrels back to point A> each partner does the exercise that the other was just doing at point B.

Indian Run around the field– we only got one lap in before it was time to head back and wrap things up.

Counted off, named ourselves and prayed.  Great work everyone.  You all were great guinea pigs for this one.



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