Northeast Tennessee

Arrowhead’s Rock and Roll

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Q – Pedilalyte (RESPECT!) and other PAX up early in the foggy gloom included Donatello, Beaker, Baby, PBS, Jobs, Ponzi and Jar Jar.  A balmy 48 degrees at our newly-established AO in Johnson City.  Prayer followed by an eloquent disclaimer began our geological discovery.

The warm up:

SSH X20 IC, Imperial Walkers X15IC, Through the Tunnels X15IC, Hillbilly Walkers X15IC, Merkins X10IC, LBAC (forward) X15IC, LBAC (reverse) X15IC

The workout:

Following a short mosey the PAX were divided into 2-men teams and given a decent-sized rock to get to know.  Another mosey took us to the railroad tie wall at the end of the track.  Each man was to knock out 25 curls, kickbacks, raises and presses with each arm with their rock.  The other partner ran 0.25 miles and then a trade off was made.  A total of 2 laps (0.5 miles) was accomplished by each PAX, along with 2 sets of rock exercises.

The second stage of the beatdown was a tribute to the CLEMSON TIGERS historic victory over the Dark Side with 35 Merkins (the CLEMSON score), 100 squats, 100 LCBs and then 31 Burpees (the Dark Side score).  While the partner worked on these delights the second circled around the goal post and then traded off.  All numbers were cumulative.

The third stage of the morning had the PAX carrying the rocks back to the quarry and a gathering at the bleachers for 25 dips, 25 step-ups and 25 incline Merkins.

Finally the group moseyed back to the parking lot for 50 LBACs and 50 leg-raises.  That just about did it.

Our workout ended but our day started with prayer.

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