Northeast Tennessee

Valentine’s Day fun w/ a GPS plot twist.

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

13 men for a 27º, cardio-heavy, Valentine’s Day GPS plot twist.




  • Side Straddle Hops 100 IC
  • Merkins 10 IC


Mosey counter-clockwise from amphitheater, working each of 11 stations as you meet them.

  • Station 1 – Bear Crawl. 30m out.
  • Station 2 – Grapevines/Karaoke. 10m out and back.
  • Station 3 – Skip Like a Little Girl (in honor of Jester). 100m circle.
  • Station 4 – Side Shuffle Step. 30m out and back.
  • Station 5 – Lunges. 30m out. Mosey back.
  • Station 6 – Sprint. 40m out. Mosey back.
  • Station 7 – Broad Jumps. 30m out. Mosey back.
  • Station 8 – Bear Crawl. 20m out. Mosey back.
  • Mosey back to Amphitheater.
  • Station 9 – Decline Merkin Wall-Traveling Plank Crawl.
  • Station 10 – Incline Merkin Wall-Traveling Side Hops.
  • Mosey to brick wall in front of Tombstone Hill.
  • Station 11- Burpees w/ a Wall Jump Finish. 5 OYO, then plank.
  • Mosey to Station 1, at the top end of the field, near the first bench.

Rinse. Repeat. Group 1 got in a bonus stair lap. Everyone got in a bonus Burpee Train.


  • Boat/Canoe 10 IC
  • Merkins 10 IC
  • Boat/Canoe 10 IC
  • Merkins 10 IC
  • Shoulder Pretzels 20 IC
  • Little Baby Arm Circles 10 IC
  • Little Baby Arm Circles (Reverse) 10 IC
  • Through The Tunnel 10 IC
  • American Hammers 10 IC
  • Flutter Kicks 30 IC (courtesy of Singlet)


Count-a-rama with 13 in attendance.



I take pride in putting together creative, clever, or encouraging Qs when it’s my turn at bat. Seeing Kardashian post the mileage maps from past Qs inspired me to attempt to spell something via GPS and Valentine’s Day seemed as good a time as any. The attached GPS record of today’s work shows the evidence of our cardio-heavy typographic masterpiece. Although I think (?) I did a good job of keeping my ultimate plan hidden from the PAX, a few of you were suspicious when my team broke out in the field to create the heart (or boobs, depending on how you look at tit) on the final lap. That additional t was intentional, by the way.

Long story short. I love you guys. Thanks for getting up in the dark to put in some work with me. Even if you don’t say it (Donatello), I feel the love.

GPS Map of our Valentine's Day Q


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