Northeast Tennessee

Stop the Press – We’re Gonna Run

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Conditions: Clear and 30

27 PAX in an unofficial weekday convergence of Iron Horse and Arrowhead showed up in the gloom to put in some work and show local reporter what we’re all about.



The Thang:

  • SSH (15 IC)
  • DQ (15 IC)
  • IW (15 IC)
  • HW (15 IC)
  • Merkins (10 IC)
  • TTT (15 IC)
  • Motivators (7)

Mosey to wall

4 Corners- 

Half mile loop -> 4 cones w/ pain stations -> 3 rounds -> end at steps (plank to wait on 6)

  • 1st cone along long retaining wall—15-20-25 dips
  • 2nd cone Founders Park Sign—15-20-25 BBSU
  • 3rd cone bench on left side of field—15-20-25 Merkins
  • 4th cone amphitheater—15-20-25 box/wall jump with squat at top at the top of each rep

Mosey to Tombstone Hill

In groups of three – gassers – LBC at bottom of hill, flutter kicks at top. Repeat until 6:13. Mosey to amphitheater.


BOM, Prayer—Kardashian



YHC was not feeling totally creative and did not want to compete with Penn-Seagal’s spelling test fromTuesday so I did what I tell guys before their VQ; “Look at past back blasts and modify”. I picked a smoker Baby led in July. In his original, he intended us to do 4 laps, but most of us could only do 3 in the time allotted so I planned for 3 laps today thinking we wouldn’t get through my whole planned workout. In 6 months, though, we’ve gotten, faster, stronger, better . . . You know what? Daft Punk said it better:

By my reckoning, we could have completed 4 laps today and still had time for the gassers. Because of the men of F3 Johnson City, I’m pushed to work harder, to get better, to run faster, and be stronger. Thanks for that.



If you are going to run the Knoxville Half, choose F3 Johnson City as your team when you register. If you’ve already registered, you can edit your registration and add a team.

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