Northeast Tennessee

The call us Mr. Lungtastic!!!!

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

It was a ripe 29 degrees for the start of the workout, but it was either the boom box that Glory brought or the rising temps that started making those closes come off.



Merkins (10) IC

Squats 15 (IC)

LBAC 10 (IC) Each Direction

TTT 15 (IC)

Now if where the fun begins. We had 4 stations staged around the 1/4 mile loop. At each station you do 7 burpees, and then alternate a mosey or lunge to the next station. Repeat 4 times. Now YHC should have asked himself if this was possible or even smart to do. However since I was dropped on my noggin one too many times as a child I tend to through reason/caution to the wind. When we finished the lunges we did around 600, respectively, and a cumulative 130 burpees. So this burpee mile proved to be a total smoker, and YHC thought last week’s Q sucked. With approx. 10 minutes remaining, we had just a little bit left in us.

  • Mountain Climbers
    • 15 Fast Tempo (IC)
    • 15 Slow Tempo (IC)
  • Imperial Walkers 25 (IC)
  •  Shoulder Pretzel 50 (IC) Had no idea we could do that many…

Very proud of the 22 pax that posted today, strong work gentlemen. Even you to Donatello.


Chasing Snakes  10K next week.

Erwin launch April 1st.




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