Northeast Tennessee

Buddy up 2nd F Focused Q

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel) Starfish Qs

Weather: Clear and a brisk 32


11 PAX descended on the yet-to-be-named Erwin AO to put in some work. A handful of JC faithful joined a core group of Erwin studs for a Q focused on the 2nd F.


COP – Rudy





Motivator – 8 count

TTT – 15 IC

LBAC – 10 IC

LBAC Reverse – 10 IC

Merkin – 10 IC


The Thang

Mosey to parking area and select a partner.


Round 1

Partner 1 runs across the campus to a cone to perform 5 burpees, then jog back.

Partner 2 used a parking space to perform 10 merkins -> high-knees to the next corner ->10 squats -> side-step across to the opposite side of the space -> 10 carolina dry-docks -> high-knees to the next corner -> 10 spiderman squats -> back to the beginning and repeat until partner 1 returned

PAX continued for 20 minutes


Round 2

4 stations were setup. Partners worked at each station until QIC called to rotate.

Station 1 – 245lb tire flip – each partner flipped the tire to the other. If at any point it became too difficult, the pair could tag-team the flip.

Station 2 – BBS w/ 15lb Medicine Ball – Each performed a big boy situp with the ball and tossed to the other.

Station 3 – Agility ladder core – Partner 1 began in plank on the 1st rung, jumping feet to both sides, then moving to the 2nd rung, all the way up the ladder. Partner 2 held a static squat until the switch.

Station 4 – Partner suicides – 4 Cones were setup 20rds apart. Partner 1 would run a suicide through all cones while partner 2 held plank.

**With 5 groups, each group went back-to-back on the partner suicides for some added beatdown**

PAX continued for 20 minutes



PAX lined up for an Indian Run around the track. 2 laps completed and stopped at the shovel flag for a strong finish.

Flutter kicks – 30 IC

American hammer – 20 IC

Elevator merkins – 90 sec






Ended the workout with a few thoughts on 2nd F. YHC thought a lot about 2nd F to share with the Erwin guys. Reflecting on the past several months, it was clear to me that the 2nd F is truly what makes F3 for me. Family, church, work, and life in general create a challenge for truly having time to connect with other men. Coming back to post through the week isn’t about getting better through the workouts, it’s about getting better with a group of brothers. Donatello says it all the time and it is 100% the glue that holds what has (and continues) to grow F3 in East TN.


Reminder of the GOMR coming up and to keep EHing guys to build Erwin.

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