Northeast Tennessee

Run Group Reboot/Rebrand

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

Weather: 47 and clear

Warm-up (5min)

  • Stretch
  • 2 Laps (1st ½ speed, 2nd ¾ speed)

Field Sprint/Agility Work (25min)

  • Sprint 100yrds and back
  • Ladder – Quick feet side-step (X’s 2) / 5 quick hops w/ both feet then quick feet (X’s 2)
  • Sprint 75yrds and back
  • Ladder – Med Ball side straddle hop (X’s 2)/ Quick feet side-step in & out (X’s 2)
  • Sprint 50yrds and back
  • Ladder – Both feet in & out hop (X’s 2) / Icky Shuffle (X’s 2)
  • Sprint 25yrds and back
  • Ladder – Med Ball overhead high knees (X’s 2) / Squat jump (1 per rung/X’s 2)
  • Rinse and repeat working back up the ladder from 25yrds

Track Work (10min)

  • Sprint straight-a-way / speed walk the corners

Finisher (5min)

  • Gassers on the field sideline to sideline (30 second recovery in between)




Donatello and I have been talking about a reboot to the Monday morning routine for several weeks now. Between his email challenging us to be more intentional and a conversation over lunch with Ponzi, I decided to put together a workout that actually made me want to get out of bed on a Monday morning. More to come from Donatello on the reboot/rebrand of the run group AO but I believe everyone enjoyed the change of pace.

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