Northeast Tennessee

F3 Field Day at Arrowhead

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Weather: Perfect…low 60’s plus lights were on




Warm Up:

SSH x15 IC

TTT x10 IC

Willie Mays Hays x10 IC

Hillbilly Walkers x 15 IC

Slow squats x10 IC

The Thang:

16 Pax posted to an illuminated Arrowhead to take put in some work while most are still sleeping, and to slightly mock YHC’s ability to count IC…

1 lap around track: jog the straights, sprint the curves, plank (well some of us did) on the 6.

Slow mosey to middle of football field and gather in center of 4 cones.  Time for some 4 corners.  Count off by 4’s, each group is assigned a cone to start at.  Cone 1 merkins x10.  Then reverse lunge to cone 2.  Cone 2 perform 10 BBSU’s. Bear crawl to cone 3.  Cone 3 perform 10 squats.  Lunge to cone 4.  At cone 4 perform 20 flutter kicks.  From cone 4 rotating lateral squats (think a lateral step, then rotate 180°) to cone 1.  Make 4 complete circuits.  Cones were placed in a diamond pattern on the field approx 30 yards apart.

Next gather on end line and prepare for Pain Train (in honor of Ranger from our wk 1 launch alomost 1 year ago).  Only Donatello and YHC were present from today’s group of pax from that first week, and he didn’t seem very pleased that I suggested it (nor were several other while we were doing it). Goaline to 20yrd line 10 merkins, back to goaline 3 burpees (was orginally 5, but getting close to time and YHC is an overall generall swell guy.  Back to 20, 10 merkins, prceed to 40yd line do 10 squats, back to goaline 3 burpees.  R&R every 20 yrds out and back.  YHC may or may not have given slightly confusing instructions at the start (thanks Donatello), but there was still plenty of work accomplished.

Finally, what field day is complete without a 100 yard dash…we just added 2 burpees at the far end as a speed bump.


Since the AO we meet at was conducting field day over the next two days (they began setting up for it during bootcamp), YHC wanted to bring the pax a bit of nastalgia and have one F3 style.  But in doing so YHC also wanted to continue the thread of intensionality that our fearless leader began a few weeks back.  Since running and burpee’s are two things YHC dislikes the most, how can I get better if I don’t place them in a q?





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