Northeast Tennessee

Bears with blocks come

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

20 PAX (1 FNG) came out on this perfect, mid 60 degree day.


Thunderstruck (side-straddle hops w/ high knee jump on “thunder”)

Bring Sally Up (high to low plank)


The Thang: “Welcome to The 700 Club!”

5 cones approx 25 yards apart. 7 exercises at each with differing reps  7(30+25+20+15+10)=700

Bears and Blocks to the next station (what it sounds like: ber crawl with the block)

100 Blockees

100 Kettle Block Swings

100 Block Press

100 Block Curls

100 Berkins

100 Block Squats

100 Blockish Get-ups


QIC finished just to prove it could be done. Most PAX made it to 65 or 75 reps per exercise. DANG GOOD WORK, BOYS!


with 15 min left, old Iron Horse rolled through giving us some bonus upper body work.

Final 10: Bloat/Banoo, Berkins x10 (IC), Jump ups x20 (OYO), American Hammer x20, We’re not Worthy! x10, Bear Went Over The Mountain (Plank moving hands from one side of the block to the other to the children’s tune), BLOCKTANAMO! to finish.


PBS got in touch with his inner Donatello to remind us to be at the convergence June 10. Or he’ll kills us, or something like that.

Pythagoras is offering a 2nd F opportunity at his pad on Friday


I shared that we are more of a tribe than a cult. F3 is a self-sufficient and distinct people with a set of values that is different from the mainstream and dominant society. Our tribe’s mission is to conquer the Tribe of Sad Clowns and convert them to our way of life; that is, men who pursue excellence and have the courage to confront our weakness to get stronger.

Today we welcomed Cold Call to our tribe. Cold Call is a graduate of Milligan, but he works at ETSU (where he does fundraising, thus the name)


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