Northeast Tennessee

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Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Conditions: cool (50ish) and partly cloudy, but EVERYTHING is wet

10 Pax showed up [mostly] on time for a workout that took us around the whole Iron Horse AO. Singlet and I got there early enough for a LONG 5:20 burpee train that made sure we didn’t worry about the cool spring air.

Disclaimer: Kardashian

Prayer: Kardashian

Warm up:


IW X 15 IC

DQ X 10 IC

LBAC X 16(?) IC Each direction

Mercans X 5

HW X 15 IC

Carolina Dry Docks X 5 IC

The Thang:

Get in groups of 3.

1: Long lap around park to pick up where

2: is doing 21 at Tombstone Hill (CDD at the bottom / LBCs at the top) then tap

3: Wall jumps / Declines / Dips X 15 (Rinse and repeat until relieved)

Repeat until 6:05

Indian Run with Coupon (30 lb plate): First in line passes coupon back and so forth until last in line runs it to the front. Repeat to Amphitheater


American Hammer X 30 IC




Prayer: Kardashian


Top Gun and Lone Survivor double feature at Pythagoras’s crib, 504 W. Locust (or E – whatever side is between Buffalo and South Side.

Look for a t-shirt order HC spreadsheet


The first part of today’s workout was kind of isolating. We were in teams but felt alone most of the time. The 2nd part brought us together. This emphasizes what F3 is for me – encouragement to do better. With the rest of the Pax working along side, it makes me do more than I would alone.

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