Northeast Tennessee

July 20th

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

It was a daaaaaaark and pleasant morning.  The nice weather and circumstances brought out 3 friends from IronValley.  Good to see Escape Hatch, DocOck and Squidward
Through the tunnel x11, Abe Vigoda x11,Mumble chatter from 3 PAX, Merkins x20, Sidestraddle Hop x20, Mumble chatter x4 people, thus more Merkins x20, Imperial Walkers x20, more mumble chatter x1 (though maybe it was deserved), Merkins x 20
Partner up for combo circuit: Each team to complete 100 step ups, 300 flutter kicks, 100 squats, 100lbcs.  One teammate is performing the movements while the other is running a lap around the stairs, when they return to the amphitheater, they switch and the runner takes over for the other.  Continue until all movements are complete.

Next Mosey to hill for RailRoad Tracks: Line-up single file, first man runs 5 yards up hill, gets in plank position and holds while each subsequent man hops over the guys in front of them go 5 yards and plank.  Do this all the way up the hill and all the way down.

Mosey back to the start to get itinerary, then mosey to field to do big boy sit ups in the wet grass…in sets of 10…while running between light posts….until 100 sit ups completed.
MARY (optional)
Lost track of time and finished at 6:14 when RedCard alerted me.  Had to skip the cool down.
Never heard how many miles we got on the morning from Kardashian, but hopefully it helped get Glory off to a good start for his steps challenge at work.

Did not intend to have any Merkins on this morning, but decided to work some in at RiteAid’s request and because Kardashian and 2nd Amendment were throwing off my rhythm with their mumble chatter.
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Penn-Seagal’s knee surgery


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