Northeast Tennessee

Leggo my legs…..

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

The PAX of 19 braved the 44 deg weather for a slightly modified post. YHC is still slightly injured so in true nature we did only what I could do…… we all know YHC loves legs.

LBAC20 IC Both Directions

For the next series of exercises each member would do a said count of the exercise, while the remaining PAX completed a BALL of Fire, by completing a static hold of said exercise or something maybe more grueling.

  • Said exercise was 20 squats, each member of PAX would complete these individually one member at a time. Remaining PAX would hold AL Gore’s till everyone completed.
  • Next said exercise were Frog Kicks, 15 in total, while other members of PAX held leg lifts.
  • Last in this series were Shoulder Pretzels; remaining PAX were doing their best to pick Cherries and put them in the bucket.
  • From there we headed up to the Hill for a legtastic event.
    • Partner 1 would Bernie Sanders to 1st Light Pole, and then Lunge to the next light pole where he would complete 30 squats. Mosey to the bottom of the hill to relieve Partner 2, who was doing AMRAP Squats…… 2 Rounds were completed, then Mosey back to Amphitheater.
  • With only 2 minutes remaining we complete 50 Shoulder Pretzels……….. this appeared to be a crowd pleaser…..

Guys I had an old friend once tell me that every day he woke up and didn’t see dirt was a good day. So I guess today was a good day.
GoRuck Event…….

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