Northeast Tennessee

Pre-Trick or Treat Education

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

9 PAX descended on The Hill for a little pre-trick or treat education regarding the nutritional value of some of our most beloved candy.
SSH – 10 IC

TTT – 10 IC

Wiley Mays Hayes – 10 IC

Jog one lap
QIC was distracted when planning the Q by the constant query from the 2.0s about candy they wanted from the annual trunk-or-treat event. Noting the clear nutritional value of said candy, the inspiration for the Q was born. The total calorie for each “Fun Size” candy was researched and listed. PAX would partner-up on the goal line. Each group would select an exercise and then select a candy. Respective candy’s caloric value would equate to the number of collective moves done by each group and which yard line we would run to. For example, group 1 selects merkins and pulls a Butterfinger. That’s 33 total merkins per group with partner 1 starting the move and partner 2 sprinting to the 33 yard line, then switching on his return. Group 1 selected merkins, group 2 squats, group 3 burpees (savage), and group 4 American Hammers. QIC did not track each piece of candy that was pulled but let’s just say we did well in excess of 100 burpees in 2 rounds, along with a trunk-or-treat load of merkins, squats, and hammers. Calories were as follows:

  • Milk Dud – 52
  • Starburst – 40
  • Twizzlers – 50
  • Skittles – 60
  • M&Ms – 73
  • Hershey’s – 67
  • Butterfinger – 33
  • Kit Kat – 73
  • Reece Cup – 80
  • Whoppers – 32
  • Snickers – 42
  • Milky Way – 80
  • Smarties – 45
  • SweeTarts – 60
  • Hershey’s Cookies n Crème – 67

If that wasn’t enough to deter the PAX from the “dad tax”, Donatello was kind enough to post the burpee burn equivalence on Slack for those who plan to indulge.

Happy Halloween!!


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