Northeast Tennessee

Carry Me! says the Blue Blob

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

We said good morning to 34 degrees and misting rain.  Nice to have a double digit temp workout for a change!  4 PAX showed up for the Fun.
Motivators from 5, Mericans x 10, Imperial Walkers x 10, SSH x 15, LBAC Fwd/Rev/Overhead x 10, Mericans x 10.
PAX was introduced to the Blue Blob.  A 60 # tube of sand wrapped in a tarp with no handles.  The Blob needs love and likes to be held close.  We moseyed down the hill to Ft. Henry Drive to find access blocked.  Moseyed back up hill and paired up.  Partner 1 starts working on 100 Mericans, 200 BBSU, 300 Squats, while Partner 2 ran up to top of hill (75 yards) and back to trade off for combined effort of reaching goal.  The Blob wanted to participate but having no arms and legs he had to be carried.  He was passed around and each PAX got at least two trip with him.  He is a great equalizer making the fast slow and the slow fast!

When completed we moseyed to back of school to benches.  While Blob rested on bench PAX each completed 4 sets of 10 tricep dips and box jumps with a break 1/2 way.

Moseyed back to parking lot.  1/2 mile total.

MARY  – 15 Burpees to finish the time.
The importance of showing up was the thought for the day.  The Q Master was not into it when he left the fart sack this morning in the rain and figured he would be alone from early reports.  But thanks to 3 gents who took the trouble to show up his day was made!  You never know when you just showing up will make the difference for someone who is not having a good day.  When you get where you are going it is important to really be present, but first you have to SHOW UP if when you don’t feel like it.  This can be showing up at your in-laws for dinner, your 2.0’s piano recital or a friend’s VQ or 5th Q or whatever.
Guys have made NY resolutions to get in shape.  Invite them to F3!

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