Northeast Tennessee

Sudden Spring

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

It was an unusually balmy mid-January Thursday morning in the mid 40’s and many of the 16 Pax showed up bearing skin on their legs and arms for the first time in weeks.

Imperial Walker x10
Willie Mays Hayes x10
Through the Tunnel x10
Little Baby Arm Circles F & B x15
Merkins x10
Slow Squats x10
Motivator From 7


Mosey to the Hill.  In groups of 3 (and 1 group of 4) the Pax completed a circuit of exercises.  One Pax completed exercises at the bottom of the hill, a second Pax completed exercises at the top, while a third Pax ran up/down the hill.  Once the runner arrived at the top/bottom they would take over the exercise and the other Pax would run to the other end to releive the 3rd Pax.  This rotation continued until all exercises were complete.  Exercises at top and bottom were:


  • 100 WWI Situps
  • 100 lunges (both legs count as 1)
  • 100 American Hammer (both sides count as 1)


  • 100 Merkins
  • 100 Burpees
  • 100 Shoulder Pretzels

Mosey to Field. In groups of 3 the Pax completed a second circuit of exercises.  Again Pax were doing exercises at either end of about a 20 yard stretch with the 3rd Pax bear crawling between.  When bear crawler arrived at end he would take over exercise and the other would bear crawl back to meet and relieve the 3rd Pax. Exercises at either end were:

  • 100 Squats on one end
  • 100 Jumps (knees hit hands) on other end.

Mosety to Amitheater. In partners, one partner ran a stair lap while the other did some exercises on the wall.  When first Pax arrived back from stair lap he would relive his partner who would then run a lap.  Rinse and repeat until all reps completed.  Exercises on the wall were:

  • 100 Dips
  • 50 Wall Jumps

CIRCLE OF TRUST (Countorama & Namorama)
I encouraged guys to continue sharing about different aspects of their lives so that F3 is integrated and not a disjointed part of life.  Twilight’s sharing about the marriage class he and his wife will be teaching and Kardashian sharing about an upcoming parenting class at his church are great examples of sharing other areas of life with our F3 brothers.  We never know how the resources, ideas, and struggles we share can be an encouragement, challenge, or needed resource for a fellow Pax.  Furthermore, the more overlapped our circles (work, family life, church and/or community service, F3, etc.) are, the more likely we are to be transparent and accountable to becoming the men we want to become in every area.

In that spirit, I shared about Adoration, that takes place on Tuesday night’s at 8pm at my church, Hopwood Christian (on the campus of Milligan College).  The first gathering of the spring semester is next Tuesday the 16th.  This is a worship service that draws people from about 25 different churches and includes reading of scripture, prayer, preaching, worship through song, and communion (Eucharist).  F3 and Adoration are the two areas of my life that I really enjoy interacting with other guys from other circles and building deeper relationships with these new friends.  Through Adoration and F3 I am finding deeper levels of accountability and relationship both with God and with others.  I hope you will check out Adoration sometime in the next few weeks.

2nd F gathering tonight at Yee Haw Brewing at 5:30pm.  It should be festive!


Continued prayers for the daughters of RiteAid, Swingline, and Twilight as they deal with recovery, healing, and perhaps more treatment for various health challenges. We also prayed for Creeper’s sister who is undergoing treatment at Vanderbilt and is making progress.

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