Northeast Tennessee

Anyone up for an Ironhorse Ladder?

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

A balmy 32 degree and soggy morning welcomed 9 PAX to the Ironhorse for some mid-week work.

something about QIC not being a professional and the warmup about to prove it…..

  • through-the-tunnel (nice and slow, for my old joints)  in cadence to 10
  • Hillbilly walkers, in cadence to 10
  • Imperial walkers, in cadence to 10
  • 10 burpees OYO
  • LBAC’s IC to 16
  • LBAC’s reverse IC to 15
    QIC likes tombstone hill at the Horse, so PAX mosey’ed to hill to incorporate it into an old-fashioned ladder.  PAX were instructed to do following exercises at 5 cones on way up and repeat on way down – Bernie Sanders on way up hill, forward jog down.
  • 10 WWI situps
  • 20 Merkins
  • 30 Squats
  • 40 Jumping Jacks (or as 2A said, “he means Side straddle Hops”)
  • 50 mountain climbers

PAX planked and helped others finish the ladder before moseying the long way back to amphitheater.

PAX counted off to form teams of 3 for some ab work.

  • 2 PAX on either end doing flutter kicks, while 3rd PAX bear crawled to relieve PAX in relay fashion.
  • teams did this for 3-4 revolutions.
  • PAX then gathered at amphitheater in circle and were instructed to lead in their “favorite exercise” for 30 reps in cadence.
    • Pythagorus – Carolina drydocks
    • Cooter – Fire Hydrant (15 each leg)
    • 2nd Amendment – slow squats
    • Swingline – LBAC’s
  • Lots of important thoughts and prayers for fellow PAX who have family members going through some serious health issues.  QIC also asked for prayers for Kelly Witherspoon – friend who has significant vision loss after both retinas detached due to a freak accident with a rubber workout band at home.
  • YHC reminds all PAX to practice caution when working out on your own – don’t take shortcuts, make sure your gear is secure, wear safety gear (many PAX have mentioned some they use on SLACK), and stay SAFE – especially if using bands.
    nothing new

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