Northeast Tennessee

The Distance

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

A cool morning in the lower 50 degree range made for a perfect opportunity to listen to “The Distance” by Cake before the workout began. One Pax even thought it was warm enough to cool off in the nearby stream!


Merkins X 10 IC (slow count)

High Knees X 25 IC

LBAC X 20 IC Forward and X 20 IC Backwards

Through the Tunnel  X 10 IC

Willie Mays Hays X 10 IC

Mosey to the Field

YHC has been thinking for a while of a workout that could keep two guys together throughout the workout, but also be able to go at their own speed. YHC also wanted the partners to become a team, to unite around a common goal, and to help each other overcome the obstacle and task.  This motivation inspired the following workout:

Before the workout began, YHC did a little recon on the Founders Field and discovered that it takes about 200 paces to go from one end to the other. A distance that can not be covered solely by one person doing an exercise, but the perfect length for a partnership.

Have the Pax pair up in groups of two, size matters. YHC explained the workout. One person is going to be doing an exercise until they can’t do it anymore, then they will switch and forth until they reach the other end of the field.

Length 1: Firemen/Buddy Carry     At this point everyone was feeling fresh, and most teams quickly reached then other side of the field.

Length 2: WheelBarrow      Wheelbarrowing sucks. In my mind I had it right next to bearcrawls on the shoulder exercise list. This morning it moved up a few places on that list. YHC and partner that our legs were shaking by the time we got to the other end (which neither of us could really explain)

Length 3: Knee Touch Lunges and Cherry Pickers       While one person was lunging the other had his arms out picking cherries. One would think that the lunges would be much worse, but YHC and partner agreed that it was a toss up. Shoulders becoming smoked.

Length 4:  Bear Crawls and Broad Jumps       YHC underestimated the cardio impact that the pairing of these two exercises would have.  Once again, it became a toss up on which one you would rather be doing.

The rest of the workout will be saved for a future date.

mosey back to the Amphitheater

We got back to the amphitheater with about one minute left on the clock. The car keys were being distributed, but the YHC had one more exercise in mind. Elevator Merkins. It felt like some of the Pax thought the YHC was kidding, but when the YHC started the movement, everyone eventually fell in.
PRAYER Pythagoras
This Q did exactly what I wanted it to do. (in the words of Hannibal, “I love it when a plan comes together”  #ateam)  When I couldn’t go on any more, I knew I had a guy right beside me that could take my burden and carry it for a while. And when he couldn’t go anymore,  It was nice being the guy that could step in for him and take a pull. Sometimes those freakin cones felt like they were so far away (and weren’t getting any closer) but we just continued to encourage and to fight for the end of the field.
May 26th – Shepherds Men March Starts at ETSU Football Field, ends at Trupoint Bank. More information to follow…

Come shadow the Heavy with us! May 18 – 19th. contact me if

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