Northeast Tennessee

5,4,3,2, Interval!

Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

17 PAX got together on a moist 62 degree morning to get better.  The ground was soggy and Refill was feeling froggy.


  • imperial walkers IC to 10
  • Hillbilly walkers IC to 10
  • SSH to IC to 20
  • Stair Lap
  • TTT IC to 9?
  • Push Pull Squats IC to 10
  • Arm Pretzels IC to 20
    YHC accepted the open Q without much time to plan.  Recalling some of Donatello’s workouts from early on, YHC decided to go back to basics.  Interval training!
  • Pax mosey’ed to parking lot to begin mixed exercise and running intervals
  • Pax sprinted 20 yards
  • at one end, PAX did Merkins
  • at other end, PAX did squats
  • each interval was 1 minute
  • exercise sequence went up 1 repetition each interval up to 10 at each end and then back down to 1 (with exception of last one turned into a full 10 count at Rite-Aid’s suggestion)
  • PAX then moseyed to tombstone hill for some interval work there
  • PAX sprinted to top of hill (later modified to mid-way)
  • jogged back down and resumed sprinting at the end of 1 minute intervals
  • Pax then moseyed back to amphitheater for some mary

Mary was also of the interval variety – PAX did 30 seconds of each exercise OYO with a 30 second rest period of the following;

  • Flutter Kicks
  • Boat-Canoes
  • Little Baby Crunches
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Welcome to FNG Greengots (banker with Trupoint Bank, Ben Berry (brother of Josh), 39 yo)

    lots of stuff –

  • 3rd F – Mainstreet Pizza, May 17th
  • Heavy Ruck at Montreat College May 18&19 – openings for shadowing – see Pythagorus for more info.
  • Shepherd’s Men march – Saturday May 19th – charity for at risk ex-military members.
  • lots of opportunities to bond outside of boot camps – get to know your F3 brothers!

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