Northeast Tennessee


Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

TIME: 0700 (although a few Pax showed up early and got some work in before seven bells)

WEATHER: Warm, Sunny, and Windy

Motivator from 7
Little Baby Arm Circles/Shoulder Pretzels/Reverse Circles
Imperial Squat Walkers
Don Quixotes
Hillbilly Rockettes
Peter Parkers
Willie Mays Hayes
Indian Run-1 lap around 1/4 mile track

Today’s workout started on the soccer field, which had cones set up at the 25 yd line, the 50 yd line, and the 75 yd line. Lining up at the goal line, the PAX went through a series of exercises as follows:
Start at goal line, run to 1st cone, do 10 burpees, run back to start.
Run to 1st cone, do 10 burpees, go to 2nd cone and do 20 Hand-release Merkins, back to start.    Run to 1st cone, 10 burpees, 2nd cone, 20 HRM’s, 3rd cone, 30 big-boy sit-ups, back to start.
1st cone, 10 burpees, 2nd cone, 20 HRM’s, 3rd cone, 30 big-boy sit-ups, end line, 40 squats.
Repeat backwards and abbreviated-40 squats, 30 big-boy sit-ups, 20 HRM’s, 10 burpees, with a run back to the start line each time.

Part II of the Thang took us to a series of stations:

–5 Tire Flips
–10 pull-ups
–Broad jumps across parking lot, lunges back
–3 Jumping Jack Flash Burpees (5 SSH’s, 5 Burpees=1)
Run a lap around the 1/4 mile track when finished.

Flutter Kicks
Freddie Mercurys
Boat Canoes

2 FNG’s, but one (Luke) came to the workout early and had to leave before it was over. The second one, Micaiah (YHC’s son), 8 years old, was dubbed “Ravenclaw” because of his interest in all things Harry Potter.
This was a special day for YHC because it was my son’s initiation into F3. After hearing me talk about it for a year and a 1/2, he was excited to get to come out. Starting at 6:00 am, he woke me up every ten minutes asking if it was time to go yet. He was able to do much of the workout, with some modifications and a ten minute break somewhere in the middle. Looking forward to having him join us on a semi-regular basis.
Red Ryder’s son (B3) will graduate high school today. Murph coming up on Memorial Day.

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