Northeast Tennessee

Cold Call 1 Yr Anniv Q

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

12 Pax showed up on a beautiful Saturday morning to put in some work.  Cold Call was celebrating 1 year of regular beat downs and was much the better for it.  In gratitude, he offered to sprinkle in some things he has learned over the last year in the 1 year anniversary Q.

Willie Mays Hayes 10 IC

Through the tunnel 10 IC

  1. S. Hop 20 IC

L B Arm Cir 20 IC

Reverse LB Arm Cir IC

Merkins 10 IC

Slow Squat 10 IC

Lunges 10 each leg IC

In Partners-Size does not matter

Block Bear Crawl to 2nd light pole while partner does Burpees.  Switch.


A friendly train came along and the burpees continued.

Block Burpees while partner runs lap around field.  Switch

Mosey to Ampitheter

Dips x 25 on your own

Wall Jumps x 25 on your own

Incline Merkins x 25 on your own

Al Gore while waiting for group to finish.

Mosey to King Commons

Motivator from 8

Plank knee touches til I got tired

In partners, with one half way up hill toward library and other at bottom of hill, broad jumps toward one another up and down hill.  After meeting in the middle, turn around and broad jump back.

Mosey to Steep Hill Above Munsey

Railroad to the top with guys laying down every 5 yards and last Pax jumping over each “railroad tie” until he is at front.


Prisoner Squats x 25

Mosey back to field

Prayed for guys doing the Heavy.

Thanks for pushing me and making me better!
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