Northeast Tennessee

Wilbur’s Birthday Q – Can you count to 56???

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

Nice Warm Morning for a Party!  About 60 degrees and 7 PAX in attendance.

To get the party started YHC started with Motivators from 10 then Motivators from 1.  And how many exercises did that total up to boys and girls?   Yes 56!

14 IC Mericans, 14 TTT, 14 Abe Vigoda’s, 14 IC Mericans, 14 Deep Squats.  7 LBAC FWD, 7 LBAC BKWD.  Do you see a pattern men?  7/14/28/56
We then moseyed down to the track and did a little Math Work.  If 7 PAX do 8 laps each that totals 56!  To rest up after each lap we did 5 burpees so as not to over exert.  The old Q Master was starting to rethink this 2 mile fun run by the time it was over.  If 14 had showed up for my party I would have only had to run 1 stinking mile instead of 2!  As a result some of the party games had to be curtailed

We then moseyed back up to the parking lot for presents.  Everyone brought their own block or bag.

We did a  variation of Colt 45’s but only did 14 of each exercise followed by 14 overhead triceps raises with the block/bag.  Since there was still time on the clock we reset the wash cycle for rinse and repeat.
MARY – Mary didn’t make it to the Party today.

Wilbur talked about how much the appreciated the group and the workouts for his birthday.  Our health is a gift and we should try and take care of this gift we are given.  We cannot control cancer showing up uninvited like it did for his brother.  But by taking care of ourselves we can do our best to make sure High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and the like don’t get invited to the party. Find those guys you know who need to UNINVITE bad health factors in their lives.

2nd F  – It was Wilbur’s Party and he brought hot coffee, cold milk and not so healthy donuts for a little fellowship this morning Coffeeteria Style!
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