Northeast Tennessee

Climbing the Ladder 5-55 Styles

Northeast Tennessee Iron Horse (Founders Park)

16 strong in a muggy but a beautiful 69 degree morning
PRAYER  –  Ponch

SSH IC x 20, TTT IC x 10, Imperial Walkers IC x 10, Little Baby Arm Circle’s Forward IC x 10 and Reverse IC x 10, Merkins IC x 10 and Stair Lap x 1

The workout was modeled after the Men’s Health 5 – 55 workout plan which consists of 5 exercises performed in rounds with ascending reps of each exercise through 10 rounds (i.e. round 1=1 rep per, round 2=2 reps per…all the way to 10 rounds).  10 rounds completed equals 55 reps of each exercise.  The exercises included Diamond Push-ups, 8 count sit-ups (slow 4 count LBC and IC Bicycle Crunch), Squat + Lunges, IC Mountain Climbers and 8 count Body Builders (basically a mechanical burpee and add a plank jack after the push-up).  The round started at the center of the circle and ascended the stairs to the sundial.  A stair lap was added to rounds 5 and 10 just for kicks. A burpee train made an appearance early on which made everything sweaty.  Just a side note, the “Great Lawn” at Founders was closed because of the creek.  Nothing useful in that note, I just think its funny that the far end of the park is called the “Great Lawn.”

We will not always cruise through life.  There will be ladders, hills and mountains we have to climb.  But the stronger we are, both mentally and physically, and the peace that comes with knowing we have a support group here at F3, will not only make those ladders, hills and mountains easier to climb for us, but also give us the ability to help all those in our communities that are climbing mountains alone.  Keep Climbing!
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