Northeast Tennessee

Kilo 5K by request…

Northeast Tennessee Arrowhead (Indian Trail) Johnson City

Gloomy, 60’s, a brief shower to cool us down (welcomed by the 6 PAX that made the hard decision)

QIC – Honeysuckle

TTT (IC) X 10

WMH X 10 count each side

LBACs (IC) X 10 forward, then reverse

Imperial Walkers (IC) X 15

No need for a slaughter starter because……


A familiar twist on an old favorite.  The PAX LOVED this one last time so YHC brings back the rebooted Kilo 5K.  Due to the complaints of distance cutting down on sets, we shortened the run distance in hopes of more reps.  The PAX worked hard to make this one go down in the books.

Station 1 (stop sign at top of hill):

Hand release merkin X 10

Plank Jacks X 10

Carolina Dry Docks X 10

Frankenstein X 10

Burpees X 10

Station 2 (playground/pull-up bars)

Pull-ups X 5

T-merkins X 10

Squat Jumps X 10

Imperial Walkers X 10

Toes to Bar X 10

R&R until time is called.

No time for Mary, the PAX held strong until time was called.  Most PAX got between 2.25-2.5 while Rudy may have hit 3.1 miles.


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