Northeast Tennessee


Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

15 PAX show up on a 60º, previously rain-soaked (perhaps flooded) amphitheater for MURPHish.


Stair Lap
Through The Tunnel 10 IC
Pickle Pounders 15 IC (with an “ugh” at the top stroke)
Stair Lap


MURPHish. Accumulate # of PAX x 100 (Merkins), x 200 (Squats), and x 300 (Big Boy Sit-Ups) reps of each, with incrementing # of laps in between exercises.

  • As a group, do 1,500 cumulative Merkins.
  • Run a stair lap.
  • As a group, do 3,000 cumulative Squats.
  • Run two stair laps.
  • As a group, do 4,500 Big Boy Sit-Ups (modified to Crunches after 1,500 for time).
  • Run three stair laps

Not quite a MURPH, but solid full-body work w/ cardio mixed in. I earned my breakfast burrito at Chick-fil-A. (thumbs up)


No time. The Thang led us right up to 6:15.


  • Welcome FNG Chip Sharp (Whoopi’s 9 y/o 2.0). He’s a “chip” off the old block and he likes pizza = “Slice”
  • Shout out to Joanna for representing the Clydesdale’s with some speed on those laps today.
  • Shout out to ATM for pushing hard on those last laps, continuing to will his body to go when it wanted to stop. (fist bump) Strong work.


I picked up the Q last-minute, and didn’t have a theme in mind for today’s Q. So, I’ll just share something I posted yesterday on Facebook:

You know that thing that you should have taken care of by now, but you keep setting it aside because you are afraid of the consequences? Put it on your must-do list tomorrow (or today, if there’s enough time) and just get it done.

I promise, it’ll hurt more if you stick your head in the sand and allow time to compound your mistake. Patience is a virtue. Avoidance, pride, fear, and worry aren’t. Be honest. Admit your failure. Work hard. Ask for help. Chances are good that it will hurt less than you feared, and more often than not, the humble and repentant receive grace. And if not, at least you’ve done your part, and there’s a win in that alone.

Advice from a still-learning forty-seven year old.


  • Pray for Cathy’s daughter, who bumped her head at camp and was taken to the ER. Update: She was sent back to camp, and seems good-to-go!
  • Unicoi YMCA is hosting their third triathlon of the year in August. It includes a 425 meter swim, a 2.1 mile run, and a 8.2 mile bike ride. Visit their web site for more details. Joanna mentioned it, so he’s a hard commit.
  • Join Whoopi and I for Bike Club on Wednesday mornings at 5:30 AM at the Tweetsie trail head in Johnson City.

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