Northeast Tennessee

Joanna’s VQ

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

21 PAX on a humid but bright morning
4 activities: Hillbilly Walkers, 15 IC; Through the Tunnel, 10 IC; Willie Mays Hayes, 14 IC; and Motivators from 6. Mumble chatter related to the starting commands.

Block Toss.  Partner up, only 1 block needed per 2 man group.  Partner 1 does a 2 hand chest pass style throw of the block 3x.  After 3 throws, do 1 block burpee, then drop the block and sprint back to partner.  Meanwhile, Partner 2 does squats.  Rolls reverse.  Throwing continues 2 light pole lengths, toss block back to starting line and process repeats.

Mosey to cemetery hill.  Line up Indian relay style up the hill, right towards WW, return to start.  Modified by sprinter weaving through runners, rather than sprinting past.  2 laps.

Regrouped and reunited with previous partner @ hill base.  Suicide style run to the top with following 3 tasks.  Partner A Finger drags to first pole, return. Bernie Sanders to second pole, return. Run to third pole, return.  Partner B is working towards 52 burpees.  Switch roles.  2nd round eliminated the finger drags and bernie sanders. After both partners completed 52 burpees, mosey back to blocks.

Complete 52 of the following exercises:

  • Shoulder shrugs
  • Curls
  • Mer’cans w/1 elevated on block, switch arms half way
  • Over-head press

Mary work included 16 LBC on each side, IC; Heels to heaven 17, IC, Plank on your wenis until 7am.

Group was sad to say good bye to a block. It was a casualty of the block toss.  Block was laid to rest at the conclusion of the work out.  No burpee train to report.
Clown car this week, check your email for more information.  Pythagoras will be happy to repeatedly answer any questions.

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