Northeast Tennessee

Holy Shoulders, Batman!!!!

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

8 men got up and got out to lift heavy things for 45 minutes, and make Applebutter’s M notice his arms!!!

Very Slow TTT x 5

Round 1:

13-minute AMRAP Ladder with three movements (1 of each, then 2 of each, then 3…)

  1. Curl/Press – Curl the block up to the chest, do an OHP, and curl back down
  2. Block Squat
  3. High Pull – standing row with block up to eye level

Round 2:

Ladder back down from 12 (thanks to Xzibit) using two movements. (12 of each, 11 of each….)

  1. Block Burpees
  2. 4 Count Mountain Climbers

Most Pax were excited to find that getting on to the wet ground was not part of the Thang, but MAry had other plans.

Daisy Chain – Pax laid in a circle holding their legs at 6″ while each pax did reps in order, one rep around the circle, then two, then 3. Box cutters up to 3, Dollys up to 3, and Rosalitas up to 3.

We make real impactful changes by taking very small steps toward where we want to be.  Pick a target (being a better father, a better employee, better citizen…) and do something small to work toward that goal every day. What will you do today to get better?

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