Northeast Tennessee

(Chutes &) Ladders Around The Range

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

5 PAX rolled into a warmer (40 degrees) yet very very wet GLOOM to take a bite out of PAI, get some BROMANCE reps. And also dodge the almost late players from the high school baseball team who were doing a great Moneypenny driving impersonation.
TTT IC x 10, Imperial Walkers IC x 10, WMH R 10 count, WMH L 10 Count, Slaughtivators from 6.
YHC grabbed the flag and instructed the PAX to be thinking of their favorite or least favorite exercises as we moseyed down Ranger Hill. While we started our trek we spotted our double Ranger, Yogi, and he joined our motley crew (without a pic-a-nic basket though).

  • Bottom of Ranger Hill: 10 Merkins (YHC), 9 SSH (MP), 8 Monkey Humpers (Whiplash), 7 Squat Jumps (Rite Aid), 6 Apollo Ohno (Yogi) Also dodged a really late baseball player being dropped off by mom.
  • Yellow Post by Soccer Track: 10 SSH (MP) 9 Lunges (W) 8 HR Merkins (RA) 7 Squats (Y), 6 Burpees (B)
  • Light Post by Parking Lot F: 10 Flutter Kicks (W), 9 HR Merkins (RA), 8 Heels to Heaven (Y), 7 LBCs (B), 6 SSH (MP)
  • Parking Lot (very wet) at corner of Pactolas: 10 HR Merkins (RA), 9 Slow Squats (Y), 8 Monkey Humpers (B) 7 SSH (MP), 6 Freddie Mercuries (W)
  • Liberty Bell Plaza: 10 LBCs (Y), 9 Merkins (B), 8 SSH (MP), 7 Slow Squats (W), 6 Squat Jumps (RA)
  • Circle behind Tennis Courts/FH: 10 Decline Merkins (B), 9 SSH (MP), 8 Bear Crawls (W), 7 Merkins (RA) 6 Apollo Ohnos (Y)
  • Behind New Topper Palace: 10 SSH (MP) 10 Penalty Burpees for flag falling, 9 Squats (W), 8 Burpees (RA) 7 Count Al Gore (Y), 6 Merkins (B)
  • Taken from Jester at Arrowhead we did Burpee Yo-Yo laps: Run 1/2 lap counter clockwise, do a burpee, run clockwise 1/4 lap, do a burpee, run 1/2 counter clockwise, do a burpee, run clockwise 1/4 lap, do a burpee…continuing until time called.

Had a few minutes to do some MARY: LBCs IC x 15, Flutter Kicks IC x 15, 10 Merkins OYO, American Hammers IC x 15, Whiplash called Elevator Merkins, Rite Aid lead us in a high plank knee box Yoga move (YHC needs to practice).
Life happens, but HIMs don’t shy away from stepping up and leading.
Range Convergence 2/20 at 0630. Prayed for Whiplash, M, & baby girl as she is due in a few weeks, prayed for Rite Aid’s friend & his family as it appears his battle with cancer on earth is drawing closer to the end, and prayed for Yogi and his son who are traveling to Memphis on Monday for annual scans. YHC and Yogi had a few moments of great local Memphis food locations such as Central BBQ, Second Line, Restaurant Iris, Memphis Pizza Cafe, Buckley’s…I digress. Hopefully the PAX left ready for a great breakfast.

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