Northeast Tennessee

That Was Unpleasant

Immortal Station (Jonesborough) Jonesborough Northeast Tennessee

So we had a snowy, rainy mix all night.  When it was time to post, the weather was about 34°F and quite rainy.  It was wet enough to be miserable and cold enough to keep the slush from melting which also kept us miserable.  9 PAX braved the weather on the curiosity of a Q from YHC.  The Q was designed in nicer times and the thought of modifying it was considered for a brief moment.  But we didn’t…so let’s get wet.

  • SSH IC x25 (oh man, our head is wet)
  • Abe Vigoda IC x10
  • TTT IC x10
  • Sumo Stretch x10 count
  • Imperial Walkers IC x10
  • LBAC IC x10 fwd/rev
  • Seal claps IC x10

Five cones were placed along the lot, about 3 parking spaces apart.  Blocks were placed at station 4.  PAX rotated through each station doing 10 reps of the exercise.  Once Station 5 was completed, they ran Hotel Hill and did 25 SSH at the top.  Run back to Station 1 and move on to the next set.  Rinse and Repeat.

Set 1: Chest

  • Station 1 – Hand release merkins (oh man, our chest is wet)
  • Station 2 – Diamond merkins
  • Station 3 – Merkins with Twist
  • Station 4 – Uneven Merkins on the block
  • Station 5 – Merkins

Set 2: Legs

  • Station 1 – Lunges (1:1)
  • Station 2 – Baryshnikov squats
  • Station 3 – Monkey humpers (4 count)
  • Station 4 – Block squats
  • Station 5 – Squats

Set 3: Core (oh man, everything else is wet)

  • Station 1 – Heels to Heaven
  • Station 2 – V-ups
  • Station 3 – Freddie Mercuries (4 count)
  • Station 4 – Block Flutter Kicks (4 count)
  • Station 5 – Little Baby Crunches (4 count)

Bromancers: Most PAX got 150-200 SSH, 100-150 Merkins (or variation), 100-150 squats (or variation)

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Prayers for the Odle Family
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