Northeast Tennessee

Death by Kettlebell

Northeast Tennessee Arrowhead (Indian Trail) Johnson City

34 degrees as 8 PAX summoned to start the day off right.  An unusually long disclaimer by YHC suggested today would be a bit of an experiment.

COP – Gutterball

  • SSH IC x20
  • Inchworms X 5 OYO
  • Australian Snow Angels IC x8
  • Through the Tunnel IC x10
  • LBAC IC x 10 fwd/rev
  • Overhead Claps IC x10

With cinder blocks close by, PAX worked through sections of the Thang.  We typically started a new section together.  Sections consisted of Kettlebell Swings followed by another exercise at about 80-100 yards away.  Rinse and repeat typically about 3 rounds.  After the rounds, we would move to the next location.

  • From the flag
    • 20 KB swings and 20 Step ups
  • From the wall(ish)
    • 20 KB swings and 20 Tricep dips
  • From the bleachers
    • 20 KB swings and 20 Merkins
  • From the bottom of the hill
    • 20 KB swings and 20 Underdogs

The average total was 240 KB swings +/-40.  Time was called, we rucked back to the flag, carrying our coupon.

no time


For PBS’ family on his life changing trip and Jake’s family on his medical ventures.
Thanks for the inspiration from others in creating this workout.  We’ll see how we feel tomorrow.

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