Northeast Tennessee

Triangle of Suck

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

5 PAX showed up to post in the gloom on this 39 degree clear Spring Break morning on the Range, while our fearless leader is off enjoying naps on the beach & 10K runs on the flat terrain.
TTT IC x 15, WMH R & L 10 Count, SSH x 12 IC…ok let’s get to moving
While it was said this is Spring Break for JCS, for some reason Bermuda  popped in YHC’s head and the Bermuda Triangle was shortly followed in YHC’s  train of thought. So that’s where the idea of a triangle for the Q came from. Also Apple Music supplied the Summer hits of the 90’s…I’d give it a B- on song choices but it sufficed.

Reps for the exercises for the first 3 Triangles were: 15,12,9,6,3

  • Triangle 1: Curls (for the girls), Squat Jumps, Supermans
  • After Completion of the Reps: Run to Corner of Cotty Jones/Liberty Bell through trash parking lot back up Cotty Jones, up Ranger Hill aka The Triangle
  • Triangle 2: OHP, Block Jumps/Step Overs, American Hammers(LR=1)
  • Run the Triangle
  • Triangle 3: Tricep Extensions, Calf Raises, Freddy Mercury(LR=1)
  • Run the Triangle
  • Bermuda Triangle: 5 Burpees, Run to Cotty Jones/LB corner, 4 Burpees, Run to bottom of Ranger Hill, Everest to Cone, Run to top of RH, 3 Burpees, Run to CJ/LB, 2 Burpees, Run to RH, Everest, Run to top, 1 Burpee – Had time for another round of 1 Burpee at CJ/LB corner and Everest on RH, 1 Burpee at the top.

25 LBC IC, 15 Flutter Kicks IC, 10 V-Ups OYO, 10 Merkins IC (Whiplash), Yoga Pulsating Leg Crunch Holds 10 pulses each leg (Rite Aid), 10 Count Block V-Ups  (SubPrime) 15 American Hammers IC (Chum), 3 Superman Holds
Probably not a good idea to give words of wisdom while on Spring Break…Get your tax returns done!
Ranger Run from the Tweetsie Trailhead tomorrow. Q Source on Saturdays.

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