Northeast Tennessee

4 Blockin’ Corners

Jonesborough Immortal Station (Jonesborough) Northeast Tennessee

Diclaimer – Prayer – COP- Warm up – 

IC – SSH – 20

IC – Rockettes – 20

IC-Hill Billy Walkers – 20

IC-LBAC 10 /Seal Claps 10/ overhead claps

IC-TTT – 10

4 corners – Over head Carry your block to each corner

10 Blockees

20 Blockbows – Legs elevated- Bridge Lap – you can leave your block here

30 Block Squats

40 Block Curl Presses- Block Farmer carry to Magnolia Hill 

Burnie sanders half way – Run back down-Block carry opposite hand back

Keep going! Rinse and repeat until time is called


Hello Dolly

Random PAX call out and lead Mary

COT – #- video log

Moleskin – Spring is the time we see new growth in the world. Is there new growth in your life? If not, your dead… Grow. Feed yourself with the Word, water daily talking with God, and exercise Faith – you will see fruit of the Spirit!

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