Northeast Tennessee

Apollo 13: Mission Abs

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

For his birthday Q, YHC chose an event from the day he was born to create an ab-centric experience for the 11 PAX who came out on a perfect 49 degree morning.
Motivators from 4
LBAC x 13 (Forward and Reverse)
4 Curls and 4 OHP OYO
TTT x 4 (slow)
WMH (each side for 13)
Deposit blocks/bags at the top station and then do an Indian Run around the AO parking  lot throwing the newly reappeared medicine ball while running.  Two drops resulted in 50 LBCS (25 each time).
Apollo 13 was hurtling toward the moon when YHC was born early on April 13 and suffered the explosion that crippled the mission later than evening.  Today’s workout was a DORA taking its inspiration from the Apollo 13 mission aboard the Saturn V rocket.  A list of #1 tunes from 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, 2010, and 2020 (and a couple extra) kept the PAX mumblechattering while working.

One partner worked on reps from the three stages while the other partner moonshot up Ranger Hill and performed 4 Block V-ups at the top.

  • Stage One (Saturn V launches to 38 miles above earth)
    • 38 LBCs
    • 38 V-Ups
    • 38 American Hammers
  • Stage Two (Saturn V rises to 118 miles)
    • 118 LBCs
    • 118 BBSU
    • 118 Freddy Mercurys
  • Stage Three (Saturn V accelerates to 24,500 mph on a trajectory toward the moon)
    • 245 Flutter Kicks (because who can do 24,500?)
    • 245 LBCs
    • 245 BBSU

One minute plank
AOQ Whiplash announced two new challenges:  visit all AOs in a two-week timespan and get your name on Kardashian’s guitar.  Also, sign up to lead at another AO.  Cold Call will be pushing out info regarding some 3rd F opportunities on the 3rd F channel.

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