Northeast Tennessee

Death, Taxes & The Range

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

On what should have been a day of relaxing post tax season, but thanks to Covid we yet again are delaying tax deadline, YHC took the Q. 8 PAX showed up to see what certainties YHC would provide for fun on a brisk 44* morning in the middle of April.
TTT x 10 & WMH R & L for 10 Count mainly because YHC wanted to stretch and make sure any last minute HIMs were able to find us before we moved to our destination.
YHC has had great reviews with a particular playlist that keeps getting some additions of songs for the last few Qs so once again the Premier List of Bangers was on tap for some interval work between 2 stations on the top tier of the 3 level SHHS lot. (Unfortunately the speaker YHC has been relying on kept turning off, but that’s how the past 2 tax seasons have gone…not as planned) PAX would do the reps at location 1, run to station 2 do those reps and return to station one until the boxing bell rang and then a plank hold for undisclosed time before moving onto the next pair of exercises. Most PAX completed 4 visits to each station per interval

  • Station 1: (1) 5 Block V-Ups (2) 10 Good Mornings (3) 10 Block Step-Overs (4) 10 Curl/OH Press Complexes
  • Station 2: (1) Menpees from 5 (2) 10 Reverse Crunches (3) 10 Squats (4) 10 Freddy Mercury
  • The Plank Holds were: :45 between (1) & (2), :30 between (2) & (3), :45 between (3) & (4) and 1:00 after (4)

No time as we maximized our minutes doing the THANG
Not everything goes to plan. Adapt, regroup, make new strategies and keep pushing forward.
2 competitions (there are prizes after all) have started. First – Post at all 7 AOs (sorry #Boilermaker & #TheHill) in a consecutive 2 week period (no timeline has been announced as of yet to complete) and receive a patch and sign a guitar @Kardashian has made ready. Second – Q at all 7 AOs (sorry again #Boilermaker & #TheHill) in a consecutive 4 week period and receive TBD prize package.

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