Northeast Tennessee

It’s my Fi3sta

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

The weather was a great 65 degrees, no rain, and perfect conditions for a Birthday Beatdown by YHC. Diez (9 + 1 FNG) PAX came out to help celebrate YHC’s 35 trips around the sun.
35 SSH IC, 15 TTT IC (PAX thought I was going to 35, but unfortunately for them we had work to do), and 10 count WMH R & L
Mosey over to the Top of Ranger Hill for a 3 man DORA (1 group of 4) w/ Coupons @ the Top and ABS Galore @ the Bottom. All Rounds were to 350 (that’s 35*10 for some of those not too quick w/ numbers).

  • Coupon Exercises: Curls (for the girls), OH Press (fan favorite at the top), Bent Over Rows, & Bench Press
  • ABS Galore Exercises: Freddy Mercury, LBCs, V-Ups (those with Boney Azz’s loved these), & Boat/Canoe
  • During the Q we had a flyby by Honeysuckle & Rudy, some mumble chatter followed and both groups went back to their respective exercises.


Upon arriving back to HQ, was discovered the flag had fallen so 10 penalty burpees ensued. Still had a few minutes for PAX to give a nice little present to YHC & all to share. Whiplash called out his favorite Block Flutter Kicks 35 IC, Subprime gave SLOOOOW Block V-Ups, and Cold Call took us to the time limit with Planks + Block Pull Thrus on his call. ABS were excited for the activities. Plenty of room for Tacos & Margs tonight!
No real words of wisdom, shocking I know. But keep showing up, putting work in. what you put into not just F3 but life will begin to show.
2nd F at Moneypenny and his lovely bride’s homestead on Friday in prep for the Music in May Half Marathon several PAX are competing in this Saturday Morning. Welcome PAX formerly known as FNG, now listed as Handy Manny!

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