Northeast Tennessee

3 Corners and A BUNCH of Abs

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Although it was chilly this blackberry winter morning, it was a beautiful day for five PAX in long sleeves and maybe an extra layer or two to roll out and start their Thursday. This Q might’ve taken been inspired by (or a complete rip off of) a recent workout posted by Frazier at Immortal-station

  • Willy Mays Hayes
  • Bridge Lap
  • Mountain Climbers IC x 10
  • Through the Tunnel IC X 10
  • SSH IC x 10
  • Slow Merkin IC x 5

Since our run around the block only includes 3 corners (Tri-block) we completed 100 reps of 3 exercises split into descending amounts and separated by many much running. 1st lap 40 reps, 2nd lap 30 reps, 3rd lap 20 reps, 4th lap 10 reps

Exercises included:

  • Kettle Bell/Coupon Swings
  • Merkins
  • V-ups

Because we are men of such strength and honor all PAX finished just in time to do a crap ton of MARY which included much groaning and despair.

  • 30 BBSU OYO
  • 21 IC Freddie Mercury. So Freddie can drink
  • 20 IC Flutter kicks
  • 10 IC Oblique Crunch x both sides
  • 20 Reverse Crunches OYO

We are expecting our six packs any day now…. although if we didn’t have them after April I’m not sure it’s ever gonna happen.

Enjoy these dry 40 degree mornings fellas. They are better than 80 with 95% humidity.

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