Northeast Tennessee

Let’s Go to School!

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

12 PAX ventured out to the Range on a clear, cool morning but warmed up quickly.  Today’s adventure found us visiting four stations paying homage to the esteemed institutions of higher learning who have granted degrees to those represented in YHC’s household.  Hurley assembled a playlist of questionable origins to spur the PAX on as they made 4+ loops around the soccer track.
A few new (to most) exercises were introduced during warm-up.

-Up Straddle Hop IC
-Werkin IC
-Knerkin IC
-Black Snake Indigenous Run

Four Stations (4 exercises each) were placed around the soccer track with PAX divided into four groups of 3 to space out starts.  Complete the first letter of the school’s mascot and then run to the next station; carry block or back on the last letter rotation.

-Station One (BUCS – East Tennessee State University)
B- Block Burpees x 10
U – Upright Row x 15
C – Curls x 25
S – Squats w/ Block x 15

-Station Two (VOLS – University of Tennessee)
V- V-ups x 15
O – One legged burpee x 10 (l/r alt)
L – LBCs x 20
S – Spiderman Crawl w coupon x 5

-Station Three (BUFF – Milligan College)
B- Big Boy Sit-up x 15
U – Up Straddle Hop (20)
F – Freddy Mercury x 20 (l/r)
F – Foxhole x 10 (WWI to merkin)

-Station Four (HAWK – University of Iowa)
H- Hand-Release Merkin x 15
A – American Hammer x 20 (l/r)
W – Werkin x 15 (Wide)
K – Knerkin x 10 (Knuckle)

All PAX completed all 16 stops with some beginning a second time.

Run another Black Snake to the bottom of Ranger Hill and returned to plank for the final minute+ waiting on recovery from spilt Merlot.
Keep coming out and pushing.  It’s what makes you better.
Murph at Arrowhead on Memorial Day.  Pray a new opportunity for Whiplash as he interviews.

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